Digital Transformation Starts One Step at a Time


Every business should jump at the opportunity to improve and transform, especially when there are great rewards to reap, and when not doing so could be harmful. The never-ending advancement of technology presents enterprises with countless promising opportunities for every aspect of their business.
Digital transformation is the profound transformation of business and organizational activities, processes, competencies and models to fully leverage the changes and opportunities of a mix of digital technologies and their accelerating impact across society in a strategic and prioritized way, with present and future shifts in mind.
Digital transformation reshapes every aspect of a business. As digital technology continues to evolve, I believe that successful digital transformation will require careful collaboration, thoughtful planning, and the inclusion of every department.
A digital transformation strategy aims to create the capabilities of fully possibilities and opportunities of new technologies and their impact faster, better and in more innovative way in the future. A digital transformation journey needs a staged approach with a clear roadmap, involving a variety of stakeholders and internal/external limitations. This roadmap takes into account that end goals will continue to move as digital transformation de facto is an ongoing journey, as is change and digital innovation.
The five Travelex tenets
Focus on long term enterprise value creation.
Pursue potential growth opportunities across the send segments
Willing to be disruptive and innovative in our approach with business models.
Aim to build large user bases of customers using our products.
Invest in a range of different areas and initiatives. Some won’t work, and that’s ok.
Some companies climb step three with us first, and then go back a step or two. But just as your transformation strategy is unique, so might your journey be. Your may also start on another step, but to maximise your potential, revisiting step one and climbing to the top, will get you there in the best condition.
1. Create a customer-centric vision
2. Assess your organisation’s ability to deliver on the strategy
3. Create the right value for your customers
4. Find your position in the digital eco-system
5. Measure success

How to Start your Career in digital marketing


Digital marketing is also known as data-driven marketing where marketing or promotion of products or services are performed digitally, mainly on internet or any other digital medium. Digital marketing is an umbrella term for all your internet marketing terms. Digital marketing provides you the right place for promoting your products and services at the right time.
Following are some ways to kick-start your career in digital marketing:
Eagerness to learn
A candidate should have the willingness to learn about the digital marketing. To succeed in this industry, a candidate should have desire and passion in this.

Stay updated
A candidate should be updated about all latest news and should have the knowledge about the industry news I.e what is going on in the world.

You have to be stay surrounded with the people which are more talented than you because when you run into problems they will help you to solve them and you will also gain more knowledge from them.

Learn the terminology
A person who is in digital marketing needs to be comfortable with the acronyms such as PPC, SEM & SEO because a person who is new in digital marketing sometimes gets confused about these acronyms and misunderstanding of them clearly indicates that you are new in this and need further training.

If you want to learn more about digital marketing, you have create your website and start promoting it on the internet. You will definitely start getting knowledge about the digital marketing. If you are working in the online marketing industry, you will be keep learning and never gonna stop. If you can’t build your own website and teach yourself that how to market it by yourself then you will never be very successful as and online marketer. The best people in this industry are keep trying and learning new skills. Another way is that you can opt for an digital marketing course which is most in demand now-days. The best way of learning is that what you learn there, just implement it.

Benefits of social media

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Social Media has taken the world by storm through various technologies like website, mobile-apps, improving the way people communicate with each other. If, it were not for the social media the world has not been turned into the Global Village, social media has contracted the distances and information, nowadays spread lie a wildfire.
Nowadays, it is strenuous for anyone to imagine their life without social media; you just need to have your Smartphone by your side to get access to any news from the internet and social media. Social media is very helpful for those people who don’t have access to television at places like Hostels, Offices, and those who are travelling. If you, see then there are endless benefits of social media that sometimes it actually compels you to wonder how monotonous would be your life without social media
Social Media: – A Place To Learn
Social networking sites are one of the best things that happen to students. These sites helped so many students to do more and become better; these sites provide them a platform to show their talent to the world. Many of the sites like Facebook and Twitter contain umpteen educational pages which help them to learn new things and new languages. Social media sites have provided the teachers and the students with a class outside a classroom where they can interact at any time.
Social Media: – An Ultimate Equalizer in the Society
Those were the days when Media Platforms is available only to the selected people of societies like Politicians, Pop and Sports Sensation, Civil right activists. Today, Social Media empowers people to share their views and contribute to powerful opinion. #Pray_For_Paris, #Panama_Paper_Leaks and #Gender_Equality are some of the causes that gained impetus through social media platforms and augmented into a force that led the mighty rulers to subjugate to the popular opinion.
Social Media- A vibrant source of communication
Social media has helped people a lot in communicating with each other. Different people from different cultures are interacting today and exchanging their ideas. In this way, social media is ending widespread stereotypes engendered by gender, caste, color or religion. Even if relatives or friends don’t stay much in touch through social media, they still can get an idea what their cherished ones are up to or how they are doing. For example, Facebook has recently launched Safety Check, a very helpful tool used by people during disasters. People can mark themselves safe during any calamity and it will automatically notify their friends of their safety.
Social Media- A Step towards Women Empowerment
It has been researched that most social sites are dominated by women. It seems like women who, due to some reasons, can’t go out and do businesses have found a way to reach out huge markets. Social networking sites are fantastic tools for business and the pages like tasty and nifty have proved it. Women are advertising their brands online, plethora amount of women have opened cooking and cleaning pages and online shops of various items. On the other hand, it has become easy for people to order anything by sitting on their comfortable couch.

Project management tips for big, hairy, complex projects


Project management is a very crucial part of development as you are responsible for the failure and success of project. It comes with more responsibilities than you can think off. Not just development is part of the project, the way you handle your team is most important. To keep your team motivated, appreciate them and many more things which we will discuss in detail below.
Each and every project is different, and comes with a unique set of challenges. And having a basic roadmap for getting things started can be incredibly useful. Here are some tips for tackling those big, hairy, complex projects. So let’s get started.
Have a big picture in mind
Most people don’t think before they make any decisions, they just dive head first into new endeavours without any serious thought into the big picture. If it is the thing with you then take a step back. What you wish to accomplish with this project? What will be your outcome? What problems or opportunities are you seeking to solve? And how to measure your success?
Formation of team
Every project requires a team and if the project is big then you have to have your best tem working on it. On the biases of performance assign the project modules to team members. It will be helpful and intelligent of you to include members of your organization who have been a part of large projects earlier because their experience will help the team to discover and solve familiar challenges faced before.
Assigning roles is a very important part and before that it’s important to communicate with your team. In order to create a similar goal that is meaningful to everyone involved. Listen to everyone in your team so as to ensure that the aim you are going for is clear as crystal. The goal should align with your big picture and the organization’s mission, and is achievable. Break down of goal into smaller achievable modules is important, but be sure that your team mates never lose their vision of their contribution to the larger goal.
A good plan violently executed now is better than a perfect plan executed next week. – General George S. Patton
Use latest tools for project management
Most challenging part of project management is staying organized and if the project is complex we cannot allow any human error therefore while distribution of projects and modules you should have proper documentation ready so that it’s easy to understand the work assigned to the team member. Breakdowns while communication can be costly and time consuming.
Thanks to the internet, there are so many web-based project management software programs available that are incredibly beneficial for big projects. These software’s allow your team to access, create, change and update projects virtually. Transparency has never been more important in today’s world and transparency is important between team members.
Work environment
It doesn’t mean that you will be kept as prince or princess. It means that the members of a team are supportive and trust each other fully. The team members should also be transparent, open and have positive attitude to finish tasks. Human behaviour is that if he will get good then he will give good output. Your team members will not work for you if you are cranky for every problem and they also expect you to do as much work as they do. When team mates understand that people they care about and respect are relying on them, then they it will inevitably force themselves to produce great results.
Adapt and accept challenges
The bigger your project is the more likely it is that you will encounter different and complex challenges. As you are leading your pact there are some qualities that you should have i.e. resilience and confidence. You must adapt quickly and with the changes.

So this is how you can achieve your goal and have good project management skills.

Why graphics matters a lot in application development?


“First impression is the last impression”, this phrase is in everybody’s mouth. People judge you the way you look and carry yourself; therefore it is necessary to be attractive if you want someone’s attention. Same goes with application development, in app development is the app doesn’t look good then nobody will consider even downloading the app. How the UI looks, how the animations are working and what images are used are very important in app development.
So here come the graphic designers. They can change the whole look and feel of the application. Most of the people make judgements about the company just by seeing their website and according to a research made by Harvard in 2013, the websites which are more attractive or well-built they those websites are more trustworthy. Therefore graphics are a vital part in application development.
Let me ask a question here. In which restro you would like to go? A well-built or dusky? Answer is clear; a well-built restro. And nowadays you can find graphic designers at a very cheap cost. There goes a lot of imagination in making a poster, logo etc. And you need to hire a person who can think out of the box. We you cannot be creative in one day; you need to see new things every day, explore new subjects.
You may not be surprised by the fact that website aesthetics are a decisive factor for engaging users online. The surprising factor is how quickly these users decide whether they like a site or not. Fact is, it takes no more than a 50 to 500 milliseconds for users to create an opinion about your website. If you cannot show what you have in an attractive manner then you cannot grow. You will have to show your products in a manner that nobody has done where graphic designers come and make things happen.
There are some factors which should be taken in consideration for designing your web app.
Colour: The site colours should convey your company’s brand and do justice to your theme. Colours are a big factor, so therefore it is important to choose colours your audience will love.
Font: The site fonts should be based on the company’s brand and the feeling that your customers want to see. The fonts used in website/app need to be easy to read.
Images & Graphics: Choose images and graphics that display your company and products in the best way possible. Hire photographers for best looks.
Complexity: Most of the big companies have simple design, so strive for simple designs but not so simple that they don’t have an appeal.
Usability: If you fill a lot of info in one page then user will be confused. So make sure that the functionality is smooth and easy to use.
Clarity: Images used should be HD and crisp.
Consistency: The design used should be consistent throughout the app like colour, fonts, images etc. should be same as used in modules.

So yes graphic matters a lot in designing an application or a website. Go and hire a designer and make your website look fabulous.

What makes web design great?


In today’s world of internet where almost everybody has their online presence it’s very much important that they have a great online presence and to have a great online presence one must have beautiful and attractive web designs which let their customer to return again and again.
Principles for great web design: –
1. Purpose
One must know their purpose for coming online if you know your purpose then it is very easy for you to know the design you want for your web pages according to your need and the need of visitor.
2. Communication
In today’s world of information everybody wants to search for the information quickly and in simple manner. So, always try to make your information visible to your website visitor in very simple and sober manner instead of using long and windy sentences try to make the information available with some headings and sub-headings.
3. Typefaces
The ideal font size for reading easily online is 16px and stick to a maximum of 3 typefaces in a maximum of 3 point sizes to keep your design streamlined. Generally try to use only around 2-3 types of fonts in the whole document in order to make your page look good.
4. Colors
A well thought color palette can go a long way to enhance the user experience. Complementary colors create balance and harmony. Using contrasting colors for the text and background will make reading easier on the eye.
6. Images
Always try to include images related to your purpose because images make web pages looks great.
7. Navigation
Navigation is about how easy is it for a visitor to move around in your web pages. For easy navigation always try to follow the rule of “Three Clicks” which means visitors will get to the required information they are looking for within the three clicks.
8. Load Time
In today’s fast and forward world people hate those websites which took ages to load. Always try to optimize your web pages so that it takes less time to load.
9. Mobile Friendly
It is now very common to access websites from multiple devices with varying screen sizes. It is very important to have a responsive layout for your website. If your website is not mobile friendly then you have to build it in that way or to have a dedicated mobile website.

Why prototypes are important before actual development?


Any development team or an individual developer along with it’s client, must have faced many issues if there wasn’t any prototype confirmed with the client before the development actually started. Such problems are also faced when the project development has been completed but a prototype isn’t confirmed by the client which eventually leads to time and money loss along with frustration from both the ends.
To break this situation all the aspects and prototypes are discussed with both the development and client-side team.

Here are some important reasons listed to why prototyping is important.

1. Finding Design issues early

Design is one of the most important aspect of any project. This explains us how the project will look and what will be the flow of stages within it. If this phase isn’t met then both sides will explain heavy loss of time and will get frustrated due to constant changes and approval of the client.
It is necessary for development team to get to know what is proposed to the client and fixed by the client itself beforehand, which eventually saves time and money.
There are situations where the whole project is developed and at the last bit the client isn’t satisfied with what he gets ,because he had something different in mind right from the start.

2. The project should be able to perform User testing from early stages.

If the project is provided to a few users as a prototype, it can help in any kind of changes to be dealt in early phases only.
There are things which are dependent on that one particular thing and if a user is stuck at any point, and it comes out to be a critical point for the application then that whole project is back to zero in an instant. This is why it is important to have such prototype using in early stages.

3. Prototyping is Cheap, Fast and Easy

Perhaps, one of the most obvious reasons why you should prototype the designs is that there’s no reason why you shouldn’t.
All UI designers begin with some or o0ther form of a mock/prototype, be it a sketch done in initial stages.
Many company realise the important of prototyping and have come up with solutions in the form of tools and software to make a combination of precise and timeless pencil-paper combo.

4. Gathering the necessary requirements as soon as possible

If there are any reworking involved in the project, half of that is dealt because of the inadequate requirements. A meeting, presenting ideas and discussion on the smallest of small aspect of a project is needed which is followed by a prototype in order to confirm if there are any missing elements or any changes required for which some certain requirements are needed.

5. Clarifying Production costs

By prototyping before production begins, it gives us a better estimate to what and how much will be the production cost will be. If there will be any change, removal or combination of any sort for any step it will give us a brief idea about what the cost change might be. This keeps the actual cost to minimum and things fixed.

How to create Introduction Email

Buildrepo email marketing

When you compose the email that will introduce yourself and/or your services to someone, you can follow to help make a strong connection with your potential client and find the way for a good working relationship with them.
As you know that worlds get smaller with the online social graphs and open networks in public view, our opportunities increase to intelligently connect the dots. So, you have to made an introduction that will equally benefit both people being introduced is terrific feeling. But, making an introduction in our fast paced world as we know it is more challenging now than it used to be. We all have more friends, followers, and connections than we realize and getting someone’s attention takes an artful introduction.
To ensure that both recipients see or give their full attention or value to an email introduction, Here are some thoughts on sending the perfect email introduction to a client:-
Subject Line: “E-Intro: Person One & Person Two” – Playing on everyone’s narcissism, and making sure that your email gets seen in someone’s inbox, put both names of the people you are introducing in the subject line.
First Section: A lot of times, there is a more immediate reason to make an introduction for one of the two people than the other. Address it to Person One and let the first line of this paragraph sum up your recent interaction or why you wanted to make an introduction on their behalf. The second line should begin with some variation of like Allow me to introduce Person Two and then give a quick sentence on who they are. The third line should begin with the phrase. “Based on that you said in the second line, so like there would be a good conversation to be had.”
Second Section: This second paragraph is addressed to Person Two. Similar to the first paragraph, use the opening line to follow up on any recent interaction you’ve had with them, in person or something you may have seen online that would be of interest to the purpose of the email. The second line should be the introduction of Person One, who they are, and the endeavor they are currently working on that is the focal point of the email. The third line should be why you think that this opportunity is valuable for them to know about (but not a sales pitch.)
Intentional Match Making: The final line of the introductions is that: “I hope this E-Intro will lead to a great conversation in the near future. Please keep me posted.”
So, you used this template for the E- introductions.

GST on E-Commerce Industry


Goods & Services Tax Law in India is a comprehensive, multi-stage, destination-based tax that will be levied on every value addition. GST is a single tax on the supply of goods and services, right from the manufacturer to the consumer. Credits of input taxes paid at each stage will be available in the subsequent stage of value addition, which makes GST essentially a tax only on value addition at each stage. The final consumer will thus bear only the GST charged by the last dealer in the supply chain, with set-off benefits at all the previous stages.

Every company in India, be it a multinational company or a small/medium enterprise, is gearing up for the implementation of GST. The e-commerce sector would follow suit in its preparation by focusing on provisions specific to this sector in the GST law.

The benefits of GST:-
The benefits of GST can be summarized as under:
For business and industry

Easy compliance: A robust and comprehensive IT system would be the foundation of the GST regime in India. Therefore, all tax payer services such as registrations, returns, payments, etc. would be available to the taxpayers online, which would make compliance easy and transparent.

Uniformity of tax rates and structures: GST will ensure that indirect tax rates and structures are common across the country, thereby increasing certainty and ease of doing business. In other words, GST would make doing business in the country tax neutral, irrespective of the choice of place of doing business.

Removal of cascading: A system of seamless tax-credits throughout the value-chain, and across boundaries of States, would ensure that there is minimal cascading of taxes. This would reduce hidden costs of doing business.

For Central and State Governments

Simple and easy to administer:

Multiple indirect taxes at the Central and State levels are being replaced by GST. Backed with a robust end-to-end IT system, GST would be simpler and easier to administer than all other indirect taxes of the Centre and State levied so far.
Better controls on leakage:
GST will result in better tax compliance due to a robust IT infrastructure. Due to the seamless transfer of input tax credit from one stage to another in the chain of value addition, there is an in-built mechanism in the design of GST that would incentivize tax compliance by traders.

For the consumer
Single and transparent tax proportionate to the value of goods and services:

Due to multiple indirect taxes being levied by the Centre and State, with incomplete or no input tax credits available at progressive stages of value addition, the cost of most goods and services in the country today are laden with many hidden taxes. Under GST, there would be only one tax from the manufacturer to the consumer, leading to transparency of taxes paid to the final consumer.
Some of the key areas of GST that impact the e-commerce sector:
1. No trade barriers—one nation one tax
2. Tax collection at source (TCS)
3. Increase in compliances for e-commerce operators

WordPress for Web Application


WordPress is the best tool for website development because it has all the plugins, interface which you need for a website and with a very less knowledge of website development you can make your own website. It’s the matter of time; since time is the most important part of life so instead of writing a fully-fledged code you just have to open the WordPress dashboard and make adjustments. You will get a website of your choice and if you make purchase form WordPress market for themes and plugins you can make your website exactly as you want.
Earlier WordPress was designed for bloggers to just write their blogs but as the technology increased and the demand for websites increased, WordPress has evolved into a fully functional CMS (Content Management System) and it is also used to develop some web application quickly and in a low budget. So in this article we’ll be seeing why we should choose WordPress.

WordPress should be your choice for one of the few reasons i.e.

Security, registration and login: WordPress is secured because most of the websites are on their servers. It has a functionality to register you and do logins.
Database and URL mapping: WordPress gives you the facilities to easily connect to its database and then run queries on them. You can modify how URLs are generated using links.
Theming: WordPress offer a variety of themes which are used to make your web app graphical and make its UI look beautiful.

WordPress have a community which keeps developing new plugins and makes the use much easier. There are very talented developers who have created thousands of plugins that helps to expand this CMS platform for making it beyond just being a blog. There’s a lot of availability of quality and pre-built plugin. With minimal effort, cost and time we can have a website of our choice and the functionality provided by the community plugins helps us to concentrate on our application to create a compelling website.
Building your application in your subsisting WordPress site will save your time and make things simple. If your web app is straightforward then you can create a custom plugin on your WordPress site and program the functionalities of your product. Don’t be confused if people say that you need to upgrade form WordPress and try something else because it’s not true. There are many reasons to stick with WordPress not just it helps you make your own website but it takes care of that web app.
Therefore WordPress can be a very useful tool for certain types of web apps. So stop thinking of it just as a blogging platform because when you will use it you can start to see the possibilities. Using its existing structure helps to bring a web app live in a matter of just few clicks. And most importantly it’s mostly free.
Have you ever built a web app using WordPress? Please share your feedback.