WordPress for Web Application


WordPress is the best tool for website development because it has all the plugins, interface which you need for a website and with a very less knowledge of website development you can make your own website. It’s the matter of time; since time is the most important part of life so instead of writing a fully-fledged code you just have to open the WordPress dashboard and make adjustments. You will get a website of your choice and if you make purchase form WordPress market for themes and plugins you can make your website exactly as you want.
Earlier WordPress was designed for bloggers to just write their blogs but as the technology increased and the demand for websites increased, WordPress has evolved into a fully functional CMS (Content Management System) and it is also used to develop some web application quickly and in a low budget. So in this article we’ll be seeing why we should choose WordPress.

WordPress should be your choice for one of the few reasons i.e.

Security, registration and login: WordPress is secured because most of the websites are on their servers. It has a functionality to register you and do logins.
Database and URL mapping: WordPress gives you the facilities to easily connect to its database and then run queries on them. You can modify how URLs are generated using links.
Theming: WordPress offer a variety of themes which are used to make your web app graphical and make its UI look beautiful.

WordPress have a community which keeps developing new plugins and makes the use much easier. There are very talented developers who have created thousands of plugins that helps to expand this CMS platform for making it beyond just being a blog. There’s a lot of availability of quality and pre-built plugin. With minimal effort, cost and time we can have a website of our choice and the functionality provided by the community plugins helps us to concentrate on our application to create a compelling website.
Building your application in your subsisting WordPress site will save your time and make things simple. If your web app is straightforward then you can create a custom plugin on your WordPress site and program the functionalities of your product. Don’t be confused if people say that you need to upgrade form WordPress and try something else because it’s not true. There are many reasons to stick with WordPress not just it helps you make your own website but it takes care of that web app.
Therefore WordPress can be a very useful tool for certain types of web apps. So stop thinking of it just as a blogging platform because when you will use it you can start to see the possibilities. Using its existing structure helps to bring a web app live in a matter of just few clicks. And most importantly it’s mostly free.
Have you ever built a web app using WordPress? Please share your feedback.