Project management tips for big, hairy, complex projects


Project management is a very crucial part of development as you are responsible for the failure and success of project. It comes with more responsibilities than you can think off. Not just development is part of the project, the way you handle your team is most important. To keep your team motivated, appreciate them and many more things which we will discuss in detail below.
Each and every project is different, and comes with a unique set of challenges. And having a basic roadmap for getting things started can be incredibly useful. Here are some tips for tackling those big, hairy, complex projects. So let’s get started.
Have a big picture in mind
Most people don’t think before they make any decisions, they just dive head first into new endeavours without any serious thought into the big picture. If it is the thing with you then take a step back. What you wish to accomplish with this project? What will be your outcome? What problems or opportunities are you seeking to solve? And how to measure your success?
Formation of team
Every project requires a team and if the project is big then you have to have your best tem working on it. On the biases of performance assign the project modules to team members. It will be helpful and intelligent of you to include members of your organization who have been a part of large projects earlier because their experience will help the team to discover and solve familiar challenges faced before.
Assigning roles is a very important part and before that it’s important to communicate with your team. In order to create a similar goal that is meaningful to everyone involved. Listen to everyone in your team so as to ensure that the aim you are going for is clear as crystal. The goal should align with your big picture and the organization’s mission, and is achievable. Break down of goal into smaller achievable modules is important, but be sure that your team mates never lose their vision of their contribution to the larger goal.
A good plan violently executed now is better than a perfect plan executed next week. – General George S. Patton
Use latest tools for project management
Most challenging part of project management is staying organized and if the project is complex we cannot allow any human error therefore while distribution of projects and modules you should have proper documentation ready so that it’s easy to understand the work assigned to the team member. Breakdowns while communication can be costly and time consuming.
Thanks to the internet, there are so many web-based project management software programs available that are incredibly beneficial for big projects. These software’s allow your team to access, create, change and update projects virtually. Transparency has never been more important in today’s world and transparency is important between team members.
Work environment
It doesn’t mean that you will be kept as prince or princess. It means that the members of a team are supportive and trust each other fully. The team members should also be transparent, open and have positive attitude to finish tasks. Human behaviour is that if he will get good then he will give good output. Your team members will not work for you if you are cranky for every problem and they also expect you to do as much work as they do. When team mates understand that people they care about and respect are relying on them, then they it will inevitably force themselves to produce great results.
Adapt and accept challenges
The bigger your project is the more likely it is that you will encounter different and complex challenges. As you are leading your pact there are some qualities that you should have i.e. resilience and confidence. You must adapt quickly and with the changes.

So this is how you can achieve your goal and have good project management skills.