How ionic app is better than stand alone android and ios application



1- It basically focuses on the performance of the mobile application and according
to that it works on the application.
2- It is platform independent.
3- It is an open source SDK in which we use tools and services to develop the
hybrid mobile applications.
4- Tools like CSS, HTML 5 are used in ionic application
to develop the mobile applications.
5- If we use the ionic app for developing mobile application, it results in
higher performance of the mobile application.


1- Android is defined as an operating system which is used in the devices
such as smartphones and tablets.
2- It is basically a Graphical user interface like a user can touch, swipe, tap, etc.
which allows user to directly access whatever they want to access.
3- it is not platform independent.
4- Android application uses a lot of java programming to develop the mobile application.
5- Android app is designed in such a way to manage the processes so that it uses the
less power and prevents the lower performance of the device.


1- ios is an application which is costly.
2- ios requires the membership of some features to use the services.
3- it is not platform independent.

Basically, ionic app is platform independent i.e both android and ios app can be developed in it whereas android and ios are not. ionic app is free and easy to develop as it consist of simple languages whereas android and ios are difficult to develop.

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