How IT Company is better than a freelancer?


How IT Company is better than a freelancer?

So now we are here for the comparison between a full-fleshed with a
freelancer! Why is need for this comparison and how did this became so
popular between the youth? In start I won’t be biased, so let’s get

Let’s talk about freelancers first-

  1. They are affordable at first

  2. Easily accessible

  3. Work in one domain (good for domain specific work)

  4. Personal assistance over the project

  5. No paper work required

Now let’s talk about companies-

  1. Proper team for all kinds of work

  2. Quality and assurance

  3. Risk management

  4. Projects are made under SDLC

  5. Team for creative work, all the minds come together to make a

  6. Cost effective in long run

  7. Knowledge in every field so cost and everything is pre decided

  8. Fragmentation of the work

  9. Testing at every stage

  10. Less production time

So as you guys can see hiring a company has way more advantages than hiring
a freelancer. Assurance of work and trust is a major factor in business and
if that trust is not build then no business can be successful. Therefore
according to the facts and figures hiring a company is better. They keep
track of the projects every time, testing of each project, and the main
thing which is fragmenting the project and assigning it to different
departments. This helps in faster completion of the project. But in
freelancing the project modules are made one by one and that too by one
person which makes it very difficult for the project to complete in time.
Secondly, there’s too much pressure on one guy which can make him quit the
project and you don’t have enough right to say anything to him. But in the
case of a company you have proper documentation which helps you to take
your money and other things.

Few thing which a company has like pre-defined modules and things which
they have implemented in other projects helps in cost cutting and also
reduction of time. Company provide a set of policies which shows the
transparency. The support provided by a company is way more because they
have a dedicated panel for customer support which helps in addressing the
problems. Companies always focus on customer satisfaction because the
customer will brand the company and bring more projects. Basically there is
an amount of trust attached with a company. A company cannot run away in a
day but a freelancer can. So always place your bid on a company. Company
will seems costly but it will be effective and now a days start-ups are
there which do the work in cost effective ways which was not possible
earlier. As the competition is increasing day by day which is reducing the
cost. Therefore go for a company not a freelancer.

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