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Buildrepo is one of the best IT company among the top companies in india. Buildrepo has its offices in Greater noida and in Gurgaon as well.Buildrepo helps us to develop our business through website development, mobile application development and marketing.It offers a variety of services like search engine optimization(SEO),customer management, content writing, social profile management, on-line reputation management and custom application development services. Management at Buildrepo is excellent as it manages the following operations:

•Website Development- Best website development company in india. It develops website in such a manner such that it looks to be attractive, responsive so that it helps you to develop your business and help you to gain profit.
•SEO- Buildrepo is the best Search engine optimization company in india. To promote your website it uses both black and white hat search engine optimization techniques and uplift your website ranking at the top of the SERP which results in viewing your website at the top of the page. If any user searches for your type of business then your website will appear at the first page and at the top of the webpage which helps you to promote your business faster.
•Social Media optimization- Buildrepo is the best social media optimization company in india. It promotes your business at each and every social media website like Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Youtube, Instagram, Tumblr, etc and promotes your business and helps you to gain profit in your business.
•Internet marketing strategies- Buildrepo is one of the best company in internet marketing strategies. If your website appears at the second or third or any other page except page one then there is no doubt that your business is not going to grow if this would be the status of your website, it represents that your website is less attractive and don’t have sufficient information so buildrepo is the company which helps you to sort out all the issues related to your website, Buildrepo makes your website responsive and provides additional information in it and makes it attractive so that the viewers will convinced after watching your website and your business will start will increase the page rank of your website and website will appear at the first page and at the top so that if anyone searches, your website will be viewed first.
•Mobile application development- Buildrepo is the best mobile application development company in india. Buildrepo develops the mobile application in such a manner that it looks responsive and attractive. Buildrepo designs the mobile application from scratch to end and develops it like never before.




The Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC) is a process used by the software industry to design, develop and test high quality software’s. The SDLC aims to produce a high-quality software that meets or exceeds customer expectations, reaches completion within times and cost estimates.
There are many models in software development life cycle that are as following:-
1. Waterfall model
2. Iterative model
3. Spiral Model
4. V-Model
5. Big Bang Model,

Agile software development is one of SDLC model, which describes a set of values and principles for software development under which requirements and solutions evolve through the collaborative effort of self-organizing cross-functional teams. It advocates adaptive planning, evolutionary development, early delivery, and continuous improvement, and it encourages rapid and flexible response to change.
It is a combination of iterative and incremental process models with focus on process adaptability and customer satisfaction by rapid delivery of working software product. Agile Methods break the product into small incremental builds. These builds are provided in iterations. Each iteration typically lasts from about one to three weeks. Every iteration involves cross functional teams working simultaneously on various areas like −
Requirements Analysis
Unit Testing and
Acceptance Testing.
The agile has manifesto principles which are as following: −
Individuals and interactions − In Agile development, self-organization and motivation are important, as are interactions like co-location and pair programming.
Working software − Demo working software is considered the best means of communication with the customers to understand their requirements, instead of just depending on documentation.
Customer collaboration − As the requirements cannot be gathered completely in the beginning of the project due to various factors, continuous customer interaction is very important to get proper product requirements.
Responding to change − Agile Development is focused on quick responses to change and continuous development.
The importance of agile model:-
It saves a lot of time and money.
If any change request or new enhancements comes during the development phase, it can be implemented without considering the budget constraint.
We can determine the issues in advance as there is daily meetings and discussions and therefore able to work on it accordingly.
Quick development and testing helps to recognize the gaps existing in either requirements or technology used and can try to find the workaround.
Working software is delivered frequently (weeks rather than months).
Face-to-face conversation is the best form of communication.
Close, daily cooperation between business people and developers. Continuous attention to technical excellence and good design.
Regular adaptation to changing circumstances.
Even late changes in requirements are welcomed

AWS Server


Cloud computing is a technology that almost everyone knows about or have at least heard about it and almost every company switched to from on-premise technologies. Whether it is private, public or hybrid, Cloud computing has become an essential factor for the companies to achieve competitive.
Cloud Computing is cost efficient, provides high speed to work, has excellent accessibility and provides Back-up and restore data options.
Amazon Web Services (AWS) is a company that provides cloud computing technology which describes both a technology and a company.
The company is a subsidiary of and has clients like Netflix, BMW, Adobe, NASA, Samsung, Tata Motors and Instagram, etc to be using its services.
The company provides on demand platforms to individuals, companies and governments, on a paid subscription basis with a free-tier option available for 12 months.

How ionic app is better than stand alone android and ios application



1- It basically focuses on the performance of the mobile application and according
to that it works on the application.
2- It is platform independent.
3- It is an open source SDK in which we use tools and services to develop the
hybrid mobile applications.
4- Tools like CSS, HTML 5 are used in ionic application
to develop the mobile applications.
5- If we use the ionic app for developing mobile application, it results in
higher performance of the mobile application.


1- Android is defined as an operating system which is used in the devices
such as smartphones and tablets.
2- It is basically a Graphical user interface like a user can touch, swipe, tap, etc.
which allows user to directly access whatever they want to access.
3- it is not platform independent.
4- Android application uses a lot of java programming to develop the mobile application.
5- Android app is designed in such a way to manage the processes so that it uses the
less power and prevents the lower performance of the device.


1- ios is an application which is costly.
2- ios requires the membership of some features to use the services.
3- it is not platform independent.

Basically, ionic app is platform independent i.e both android and ios app can be developed in it whereas android and ios are not. ionic app is free and easy to develop as it consist of simple languages whereas android and ios are difficult to develop.

How IT Company is better than a freelancer?


How IT Company is better than a freelancer?

So now we are here for the comparison between a full-fleshed with a
freelancer! Why is need for this comparison and how did this became so
popular between the youth? In start I won’t be biased, so let’s get

Let’s talk about freelancers first-

  1. They are affordable at first

  2. Easily accessible

  3. Work in one domain (good for domain specific work)

  4. Personal assistance over the project

  5. No paper work required

Now let’s talk about companies-

  1. Proper team for all kinds of work

  2. Quality and assurance

  3. Risk management

  4. Projects are made under SDLC

  5. Team for creative work, all the minds come together to make a

  6. Cost effective in long run

  7. Knowledge in every field so cost and everything is pre decided

  8. Fragmentation of the work

  9. Testing at every stage

  10. Less production time

So as you guys can see hiring a company has way more advantages than hiring
a freelancer. Assurance of work and trust is a major factor in business and
if that trust is not build then no business can be successful. Therefore
according to the facts and figures hiring a company is better. They keep
track of the projects every time, testing of each project, and the main
thing which is fragmenting the project and assigning it to different
departments. This helps in faster completion of the project. But in
freelancing the project modules are made one by one and that too by one
person which makes it very difficult for the project to complete in time.
Secondly, there’s too much pressure on one guy which can make him quit the
project and you don’t have enough right to say anything to him. But in the
case of a company you have proper documentation which helps you to take
your money and other things.

Few thing which a company has like pre-defined modules and things which
they have implemented in other projects helps in cost cutting and also
reduction of time. Company provide a set of policies which shows the
transparency. The support provided by a company is way more because they
have a dedicated panel for customer support which helps in addressing the
problems. Companies always focus on customer satisfaction because the
customer will brand the company and bring more projects. Basically there is
an amount of trust attached with a company. A company cannot run away in a
day but a freelancer can. So always place your bid on a company. Company
will seems costly but it will be effective and now a days start-ups are
there which do the work in cost effective ways which was not possible
earlier. As the competition is increasing day by day which is reducing the
cost. Therefore go for a company not a freelancer.

Buildrepo wishes Merry Christmas & Happy New Year… Lets Go Digital


It’s that time of year again when friends and family think about the Christmases and years of the past and plan for the coming holiday with their loved ones in mind. As we reflect on this wonderful holiday, we must keep in mind that this time is not just any holiday but may be the most important one of the year for some people. It is a time for remembering, a time to share the goodness of your heart with others, and for expressing with words and gifts what someone means to you. It is a chance to make wishes come true and to give something from your heart. It is a chance to give a message that will express love and caring to the ones we care about the most.

So Buildrepo wishes warm Greeting to all its family member and appreciate their efforts in past year with expectation to continue same in upcoming year.

Let’s Go Digital!!

Tips to launch your ecommerce website

Tips to launch your ecommerce website

It is a proven fact that currently a days it’s changing into a troublesome job to launch a brand new shopping-cart company with increasing competition, however undoubtedly a lot of easier to induce started compared to a decade past. Let’s quickly investigate a couple of tips which will assist you kick-start your initial ecommerce web site and provides you the arrogance to run your business with success.

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Mobile App is Must for Your Small Business in 2016

Mobile App is Must for Your Small Business in 2016

If you’re alittle business owner, unaccustomed the business world and your business doesn’t have a mobile application, you would like to urge one straight away. Having a sturdy on-line presence and visibility alone isn’t any longer enough, as on-line activity goes on shifting to mobile. Put simply, sensible phone applications have clothed to be a particularly crucial promoting tool for startups, little business homeowners and each business moreover.

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WordPress – Benefits over other CMS



WordPress customers may present and switch between subjects. Subjects license customers to change the look and handiness of a WordPress site and they can be presented without conforming the substance or quality of the site. Each WordPress site requires no under one subject to be accessible and every theme should be formed using WordPress models with sorted out PHP, true blue HTML and Cascading Style Sheets (CSS).

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