Why graphics matters a lot in application development?


“First impression is the last impression”, this phrase is in everybody’s mouth. People judge you the way you look and carry yourself; therefore it is necessary to be attractive if you want someone’s attention. Same goes with application development, in app development is the app doesn’t look good then nobody will consider even downloading the app. How the UI looks, how the animations are working and what images are used are very important in app development.
So here come the graphic designers. They can change the whole look and feel of the application. Most of the people make judgements about the company just by seeing their website and according to a research made by Harvard in 2013, the websites which are more attractive or well-built they those websites are more trustworthy. Therefore graphics are a vital part in application development.
Let me ask a question here. In which restro you would like to go? A well-built or dusky? Answer is clear; a well-built restro. And nowadays you can find graphic designers at a very cheap cost. There goes a lot of imagination in making a poster, logo etc. And you need to hire a person who can think out of the box. We you cannot be creative in one day; you need to see new things every day, explore new subjects.
You may not be surprised by the fact that website aesthetics are a decisive factor for engaging users online. The surprising factor is how quickly these users decide whether they like a site or not. Fact is, it takes no more than a 50 to 500 milliseconds for users to create an opinion about your website. If you cannot show what you have in an attractive manner then you cannot grow. You will have to show your products in a manner that nobody has done where graphic designers come and make things happen.
There are some factors which should be taken in consideration for designing your web app.
Colour: The site colours should convey your company’s brand and do justice to your theme. Colours are a big factor, so therefore it is important to choose colours your audience will love.
Font: The site fonts should be based on the company’s brand and the feeling that your customers want to see. The fonts used in website/app need to be easy to read.
Images & Graphics: Choose images and graphics that display your company and products in the best way possible. Hire photographers for best looks.
Complexity: Most of the big companies have simple design, so strive for simple designs but not so simple that they don’t have an appeal.
Usability: If you fill a lot of info in one page then user will be confused. So make sure that the functionality is smooth and easy to use.
Clarity: Images used should be HD and crisp.
Consistency: The design used should be consistent throughout the app like colour, fonts, images etc. should be same as used in modules.

So yes graphic matters a lot in designing an application or a website. Go and hire a designer and make your website look fabulous.

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