Why prototypes are important before actual development?


Any development team or an individual developer along with it’s client, must have faced many issues if there wasn’t any prototype confirmed with the client before the development actually started. Such problems are also faced when the project development has been completed but a prototype isn’t confirmed by the client which eventually leads to time and money loss along with frustration from both the ends.
To break this situation all the aspects and prototypes are discussed with both the development and client-side team.

Here are some important reasons listed to why prototyping is important.

1. Finding Design issues early

Design is one of the most important aspect of any project. This explains us how the project will look and what will be the flow of stages within it. If this phase isn’t met then both sides will explain heavy loss of time and will get frustrated due to constant changes and approval of the client.
It is necessary for development team to get to know what is proposed to the client and fixed by the client itself beforehand, which eventually saves time and money.
There are situations where the whole project is developed and at the last bit the client isn’t satisfied with what he gets ,because he had something different in mind right from the start.

2. The project should be able to perform User testing from early stages.

If the project is provided to a few users as a prototype, it can help in any kind of changes to be dealt in early phases only.
There are things which are dependent on that one particular thing and if a user is stuck at any point, and it comes out to be a critical point for the application then that whole project is back to zero in an instant. This is why it is important to have such prototype using in early stages.

3. Prototyping is Cheap, Fast and Easy

Perhaps, one of the most obvious reasons why you should prototype the designs is that there’s no reason why you shouldn’t.
All UI designers begin with some or o0ther form of a mock/prototype, be it a sketch done in initial stages.
Many company realise the important of prototyping and have come up with solutions in the form of tools and software to make a combination of precise and timeless pencil-paper combo.

4. Gathering the necessary requirements as soon as possible

If there are any reworking involved in the project, half of that is dealt because of the inadequate requirements. A meeting, presenting ideas and discussion on the smallest of small aspect of a project is needed which is followed by a prototype in order to confirm if there are any missing elements or any changes required for which some certain requirements are needed.

5. Clarifying Production costs

By prototyping before production begins, it gives us a better estimate to what and how much will be the production cost will be. If there will be any change, removal or combination of any sort for any step it will give us a brief idea about what the cost change might be. This keeps the actual cost to minimum and things fixed.

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